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Full Steam Ahead: Pony Island

Full Steam ahead: dedicated to the long lost games of steam libraries everywhere! Where do you start to get through your ever building backlog of games? We will test some of our games that we got on sale at one point or another. Review it and let you know what we think of the game and if you should search your library for it.

Pony Island

What starts out as a kiddy game, quickly turns into something all together different. If you look closely on the loading screen the pony is crying. That is your first clue that everything isn’t what it seems. Pony island is at it’s heart a puzzle platformer game. Without getting into spoilers to progress through the game you will alternate between controlling your pony and solving glitch based puzzles.


Pony Island is almost completely played with a mouse. Left mouse button is the jump button. The right click button is the attack button. As the game progresses you will gain a few varied actions. At some points you will need a keyboard, but it is very limited.


You will not get bored playing Pony Island. You will never know what will happen next.

Price $4.99

How does it stack up?


This is one of those games you just have to play to understand. Why will run through your head. You want to play more just to see where they were going with it.


This game once you have played through and collected all the items, will give you no real reason to return. It actually even encourages you to uninstall it.

How has it aged?

This one is really hard to answer. It is meant to look like an old glitchy freeware game.


With such a low price, it will be a game hard to pass up. If you can get it on sale it is well worth the price considering how short the game is.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Do you have a game you want to suggest to be reviewed? Leave a comment.

How does it stack up?

This game is banking on unique flavor to really intrigue its users. While it scores lower overall, that is only due to how out of the box it is. This game is worth checking out one evening just for its zany fun.

How Has it Aged:

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