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Full Steam Ahead: Overgrowth

Full Steam ahead: dedicated to the long lost games of steam libraries everywhere! Where do you start to get through your ever building backlog of games? We will test some of our games that we got on sale at one point or another. Review it and let you know what we think of the game and if you should search your library for it.


This hare is no Easter Bunny! The maker of this game wanted you to feel like the star of a martial arts movie. Overgrowth is full of fast paced action. Hoping from one danger to the next. You will need to be fast on your feet. This game will make you think before you act. Sometimes brute strength isn’t what you need. Stealth and cunning can become your sharpest weapons.


Overgrowth has simplistic controls that belittle the complexity behind them. You use the wasd keys to move. The mouse is used to change camera angle, attack and defend. Your distance from the enemy, jumping, or repeatedly pressing attack will all change up your attacks. You will want to change it up frequently as the enemies will learn patterns and counter your attempts. You early on learn to stealth by pressing the shift key. As you progress you will be able to use weapons in the environment with q and e buttons.


You will find yourself jumping for the pure joy of it. You will be able traverse faster and higher by jumping. This makes sense as rabbits are know for hopping. Overgrowth actually has 4 separate games to it. They feel more like 4 short stories. Each has it own unique feel.

Price $29.99

How Does it stack up?


Overgrowth doesn’t feel like any other game. You will quickly lose yourself in the story and gameplay. failures don’t feel punishing as the game has next to no loading while playing a level. You can quickly reload from just before you failed a task.


Overgrowth doesn’t give you much in the way of replay on it’s own. It does how ever give you access to 3 other stories as well. Each is unique and has interesting elements. It does offer additional options in the steam workshop.

How has it aged?

The graphics are not state of the art. The game was released in Oct of 2017. The more simplistic graphics may be part why the game can load so quickly after deaths. You will be noticing somethings though that don’t feel right.


$29.99 may feel a little high for what feels like 4 short stories.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Do you have a game you want to suggest to be reviewed? Leave a comment.

How does it stack up?

Overgrowth is a fun take. It's ragdoll physics make it fun an interesting seeing what happens next. Parts can feel rushed or disjointed. This can easily overlooked as you find yourself lost in the level figuring out how to pass the challenges put in your path.

How has it aged?:

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