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Full Steam Ahead: Endless Legend

Full Steam ahead: dedicated to the long lost games of steam libraries everywhere! Where do you start to get through your ever building backlog of games? We will test some of our games that we got on sale at one point or another. Review it and let you know what we think of the game and if you should search your library for it.

Endless Legend

In this Strategy game you will explore the nearly destroyed world of Auriga. With up to 14 major factions to choose from you will never run out of ways to play. On this alien world you may discover long lost technology, or wonderous magics that will lead your faction to prosperity. Beware the other factions who will be competing for those very same resources. Wage war or engage in diplomatic relations the choice is yours.

Factions(base game)

Ardent Mages

The primary power of these sorcerers comes from their anger. Having survived a long history of slaughter and starvation, the powers that the Ardent Mages discovered – and that permitted them to survive – were those based on Dust magic, agony, and rage. As masters of magic, the Ardent Mages can place pillars on the map to increase outputs or reduce movement costs. In combat, they can use their unique spells, but also raise their combativity when suffering damage.

Broken Lords

A faction of knights dependent on Dust for survival, they exist only as spirits wrapped in great suits of armor. They are noble warriors who wear the polished armor of chivalry and adhering to its ideals, even though they are immaterial and have lost much of their humanity. The Broken Lords have no use of Food. To sustain themselves, they require Dust – both to create their population and to regenerate their units through Life draining.

Cult of the Eternal End

The Cultists of the Eternal End are led by The Queen and the Unspoken and will go to all ends to ensure that its will is carried out through the conversion of lesser groups. Limited to a single city, the Cultists instantly destroy any city they defeat. To sustain their economy, their armies must convert pacified minor faction villages by spending Influence.


An ancient and venerable race, the scholars of the Drakken prize lore, history, and wisdom above all things. As old and ancient creatures, the Drakken have the immediate knowledge of any living major empire and see one tier further in their Empire Plan. By using influence, they can also impose peaceful diplomacy on other empires.


Accustomed to a life in space, the Mezari must now adapt to terrestrial existence. Though they came here to settle, what happened above the planet caused a rude change in strategy. With no ship, no fuel, and no technology to create either, they have no choice but to make the best of it on this strange world.


A hive-people that survive by ingesting or converting others as they infect them with their plague, the Necrophages are scavengers and survivors. Always hungry and always hostile, they are viewed as a scourge by other people. The Necrophages always seek for Food to proliferate. To sate their hunger, they can consume enemy units they kill, but also rely on populations coming from villages. They can’t negotiate any kind of peace, always acting with aggression towards other living beings.

Roving Clans

Traders, explorers, and adventurers, the Roving Clans are nomadic and mercantile. Traversing Auriga on their great beasts of burden, the Clans bring commerce and hard-headed negotiation to the far corners of the world. The Roving Clans can relocate their cities at will. They tax every market transaction and can ban other empires’ use of the marketplace. However, as wise merchants, they will also never decide to go to war.


The true origin of the Vaulters is lost even to themselves. Their history, as they teach it to their children, begins within a great, metal habitat lodged beneath the surface of Auriga. Naturally conservative and wary, the Vaulters have limited relationships with the other peoples of Auriga. By selecting one Strategic Resource as a Holy Resource, the Vaulters can use it far beyond common understanding. They can create unique unit designs and city improvements or even teleporting armies that can instantly move between cities. Defense and research are also part of their main strengths.

Wild Walkers

A faction of creators and builders, the Wild Walkers strive to bind rocks and trees into great living monuments. Their relationship with Dust is intense and dangerous; under its influence they can suddenly explode into berserker rages. The Wild Walkers rely on forests, to get more Industry and build faster, but also to gain advantage in battle. Masters of their environment, they can locate enemy armies near their cities, even through the fog of war.


When starting a new game you will have many options to customize your game. You can choose to have 2-8 empires. You have 7 levels of difficulty. Game speed will determine how long of a game you will have. Newbie will be decided usually around 150 turns. Endless however can take 600+ turns to decided a winner. With a wide arrange of map options the world can be an ever changing growing world.


In Endless legends you will be moving around on a hexagon tiled map. You will need to gather resources to expand and grow your cities.


Guardian Units

With Auriga recovering from the cataclysm, so do old allies. The guardians are ancient elemental beings. There are fife guardians. Four of them are attuned to the natural elements. The fifth is attuned to magic itself.

Price $9.99
Forgotten Faction

The Forgotten are the roughest of the rough. They survived the final years of the cataclysm on the surface of Auriga. They are master spies and assassins.


You no longer have to rely on frontal attacks in the open. If you so desire you now have the ability to stealth into enemy holds and ferret out secrets and plans. While they you could also sabotage or even poison leaders.

Price $12.99

This update is all about giving the player more options. Be creative, with more unit equipment, faction traits, a new hero, a new unit. Not sure what you want, check out what others have done in the steam workshop.

Free update

New storytelling content was added. 20 new quests will let you explore the lore about the minor factions.

Price $1.99

This update added seven new music tracks and units inspired by the music.

Price $1.99
Allayi Faction

The Allayi are deeply connected to Auriga. So much so that as the seasons change they also change. Were in summer they are docile and defensive, come winter they are aggressive. These are not just mental changes, their very own bodies change to facilitate there new tactics.


With this dlc winter affects have been updated. Frozen lands add new challenges, but frozen rivers and lakes offer new paths as well.

Price $12.99
Morgawr Faction

Born of many bodies, but of a single mind. Morgawr want to control and dominate. They have a special affinity for the oceans, making them a deadly naval threat.

Naval Combat and controlling the Oceans

Not only can you take to the seas in this expansion, you can also discover strange towers that allow you to control it. along with new landscapes comes a new minor faction the Fomorians. They are the protectors of the mysterious Sea Fortresses. You will also need to watch out for “The Hungering Maw.” At first glance it seems to be some kind of colossal sea plant. Get to close to investigate and you will all to soon see it is all bite.

Price $12.99

adds 2 new heroes with intertwined stories.

Free update
Kapaku Faction

The Kapaku are not native to Auriga. They were forced to flee their volcanic planet. They are determined to make Auriga their new paradise of ash and flames.

Price $12.99
Mykara Faction

The Mykara are all about expansion and assimilation. Every town the conquer they can assimilate new traits to grow stronger.


The Urkan are giant beast units. You will need to bribe or defeat them before they can join your ranks.

Price $12.99

How does it stack up?


Auriga is an exciting and at times alien world. It leaves you wanting to explore and discover what treasures are out there. Yet the feeling of being limited by survival makes sense. It leaves you wanting more without ever fully letting you explore this world. I score it at an 8 just due to the fact I wish I could freely explore more.


The name of this game might as well be replay. You are going to get bored with the genre long before you have experienced everything this game has to offer. After awhile everything will feel the same if you have everything added at once. Giving it an 8 for replayability. You may want to slowly add dlc in the options to extend this.

How has it aged?

Since it release back in 2014, the game has had frequent enough updates adding new units, new music, and new environments. This has allowed the game to stay fresh and exciting earning it a score of 9.5.


Endless Legend starts at $29.99 without any dlc content. If you were to buy the Endless Legend collection + the last dlc at full price you would be spending $119.60. This seems excessive. It is very often on sale for a heavily discounted price up to 85% off. I personally feel you should wait for the discounts before picking it up. I score it at a 6.5

Have you played this game? What did you think? Do you have a game you want to suggest to be reviewed? Leave a comment.

How Does it stack up?

Varied gameplay with interesting stories makes this a very desirable game. It is however best to wait for those discount prices.

How has it aged:

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