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Exploring a “New World”

What can you expect when you venture into New World? You are going to be faced with many choices. I want to provide a quick guide to help you navigate through your journey.


You won’t be hurting for options when you choose how to take out your enemies. There is the standard Sword and shield. Maybe you want try something more magical like the exotic Ice gauntlet. Starting at level 5 you can equip 2 weapons. Find a combination that suits how you want to play. Each weapon has it’s own unique skills. You are going to have to level up your weapon mastery if you want to get the most out of your chosen weapons. The more you use a weapon the better your character can use it. The are many other online games to try, learn how using the link. However, there are also benefits of playing video games essay. You can read this article for more helpful tips.

One thing to be aware of Ranged Weapons require ammo. Magic Weapons use stamina or mana. You will want to stockpile what you need so your weapon is always ready for use.


Close to level 10 you can choose your faction. This is not a step to be taken lightly. If you are wanting to play with friends confirm what faction they chose. You have to wait 4 months before you can switch factions. You are given 3 choices.






These mindless shamblers are to be found everywhere. These will be your main enemies.


While no where as numerous as the lost you will still run into the corrupted often enough. They are stronger and trickier then their lost counterparts. You will however mainly find them in corrupted areas. These show up in what I like to call Boss zones high reward for high danger areas. In the wild you find these in the corrupted storms that randomly appear on the map. If you are not higher leveled (25+) it is best to avoid the storms.

This is only a start to all that New World offers. As you delve deeper and deeper into Aeternum you are bound to find new secrets and combinations that will change how you perceive this vast game. Take your time and really search and experiment, you may be surprised what you enjoy.

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