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Blue Mage has joined FFXIV

Blue mage a much requested class has been added into Final Fantasy XIV. This class is a solo player’s dream. The game breaking mechanics give it a lot of flash. Players will have a new way to enjoy playing. Just don’t hope to main it for end game content.

How to unlock

There are two requirements you must complete before you can attempt to unlock the Blue mage. The first you must have a battle class to level 50. Secondly you will want to have finished the main story of a Realm Reborn. You won’t need to have completed any expansion story quests. Once you have that done it is off to Limsa Lominsa. Once there if you head to the Aetheryte plaza, you will find a Zealous Yellowjacket. She will give you the quest “Out of the Blue” This will get you on your way to unlocking this new class.

What makes a Mage Blue?

Blue mage don’t follow the pattern of white healing, black damage or even the red magic that mixes the two. Blue mages draw their abilities from the enemies they have faced. This allows them to gather a unique set of spells and abilities. Ever seen a monster use an amazing ability that you wish you could do? That is the domain of Blue Mages.

What are the limits of a Limited Class?

Blue mage is designed for a solo player. You will be going through older content to power up and learn abilities. You will not be able to gain every monster ability. From your spellbook you will learn the areas monsters appear that give you abilities(but not what monster gives them). As of right now though you will have up to 49 abilities. Of those you can have 24 active. With so many crazy abilities, it was necessary to limit Blue Mages somehow. The first limit is they currently have a level cap of 50. That means you will not be able to take them it the latest raids and demolish them with overpowered abilities. Another limit is you can’t join random roulettes. This means if you are looking to go into a dungeon you will need a group or you can attempt to solo it. Even with it’s limits the Blue Mage offers unique and exciting experiences.

Join the Masked Carnival

What is the masked carnival? The Masked carnival is a unique arena meant to test an aspiring Blue Mage. This becomes available when your Blue Mage reaches level 50. This will be your end game challenges. You will face stages of monsters with certain attributes or unique challenges. Do you have the right abilities to easily take them down? Can you use the abilities you have to make it through anyways. Not challenging enough? You will also have weekly targets. These will have special conditions to win. Many unique challenges await those brave enough to attend the Masked Carnival.

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