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Video Game Roulette: Galcon Legends

Welcome to Video Game Roulette where I run a random number generator to pick a random game from my list of 1,000ish games that you can see here. Play that game for 3-5 hours accumulated, talk about the game’s core systems and see if it is a game I recommend!

For this weeks VGR I rolled the game Galcon Legends​.

Galcon Legends Main Menu

Galcon Legends is a Real-Time Strategy game based on Phil Hassey’s original game Galcon Classic and beyond but more focused on Single Player. Galcon the game series is a game where you have nodes of planets that generate numbers and you can select those numbers to battle other numbers. When you send your numbers into other numbers those numbers trade one for one until all numbers are extinguished. Once a node is at zero you can store your numbers there until further use.

Use the percentage slider on the right to determine how many ships to send out

Galcon Legends was kickstarted back in 2013 but for some reason you simply cannot buy it anymore. I sorta enjoyed my time with the previous title Galcon Fusion so when Legends came out I ended up buying into it but you cannot even buy Fusion anymore as well, probably because they are all basically the same game. Instead we are left with a free to play version of Galcon labeled Galcon 2 on all major platforms. I will discuss Galcon 2 more in detail near the end of the post.

The “Story”

Back to Galcon Legends; You play rootin’ tootin’ space sheriff out to collect bounties from random intergalactic characters who put up a fight.

Walter not happy with the INTERSTELLER FEED CO-OP ruining his space life

Each level you come to has a different character and eventually you get some reappearances when you have to deal with more than one NPC. Each NPC has a different type of unique ability that you are forced to deal with, such as invisible ships or you can’t see their number totals. But all in all I skipped through any short dialog that ended up my way as they were all just primers to introduce a new level.

World map with each mission and what difficulty you beat them at

The character art itself is very basic. They look like a rough draft for a story board and someone just yelled “good enough!” None of them are that enjoyable to look at and just encourages players such as my self to quickly skip through just to get to the gameplay.

Don’t stay in space too long or you will start to get a case of giraffe

Difficulty to the max

It might be just me, but this kind of game when it gets harder gets a lot less about mind power and more about the Actions Per Minute that you can perform. Thankfully for Galcon Legends you are able to pick your difficultly. So if you’re like me and spent 10 bucks on this game when it came out you could still get through the story. As mentioned earlier, each story AI has a different type of AI pattern at how they challenge you. It eventually gets to a point where you need to tap into your inner eSports player and just click (or tap) as fast as you can, because any thinking at all is basically you losing.

Walter’s AI is dumb and has a certain pattern that you can exploit.

Since Galcon was envisioned to be played against other players more than just AI, I installed Galcon 2 on my phone to try it out (free on your app store). The touch controls actually felt really nice and it was really easy to select all my planet nodes to do a mass attack.

Little ol’ Bouncy Spark is me with my cool pink banner vs stcziii sporting the banner of death and carnage

The timer says 4:49 and I am pretty positive matches are 5 minutes long. I was destroyed in 11 seconds. I probably just suck, but it’s to give you an idea how quickly you can get destroyed if you don’t get your APM up.

Dat Music Doe

By far the best thing to come out of Glacon Legends was the music. The Banjo King NPC actually has really well done banjo track that I have listened to many times over and it’s a shame some of these tracks will not get as much love as they should.

The rest of the soundtrack is done by JoshuaLaya which can be found in full on Soundcloud. As soon as I heard the victory music start playing for a little bit while I was preparing this blog post, I quickly found myself researching a bit more about the music in the game so I can finally officially start a pure Video Game playlist for myself. I grabbed the .ogg files from the game directory and began my first personal Video Game Music playlist.

Conclusion Rating

If you were like me and saw the mass amount of ships suiciding into planets really satisfying, do yourself a favor and download Galcon 2 on steam, ios or google play. Galcon 2 sits at an absurd 45 megabytes so watch out and don’t go over your data cap.

As for Galcon Legends; It looks like Phil Hassey really tried to expand the brand and provide the kickstarters with what they wanted which is I guess a story version of Galcon? With you not able to get it anymore and with a free to play version easily accessible, there isn’t any reason to even bother trying to find a copy of this game, especially since you can listen to the music on a variety of different platforms. This game series may not be my cup of tea but may be yours. In my 3-5 hours I did not beat the game and I have no intention of ever beating it. Galcon 2, however, I can’t fault since it’s free to play, easy to download, and very easy to get into.

I rate it

Have you played Galcon before? Do you have a Video Game playlist you would like to share? Leave a comment below!

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