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Journey into a “New World”

After my first attempt to play New World I was expecting a lengthy wait to play. It may have been the time of day or work that had been done, At noon EDT I logged in and was 1st in que with next to no wait. I expect queue times to increase through the day but for now I am excited to get in and explore New World. If you have played any MMO the control scheme will likely feel familiar. If you are new to the mmo or action rpg scene no worries the intro will guide you through the basics.

You are immediately faced with some form of icy zombie.
You are quickly guided through the basic moves.
This guided fight leaves no room for error as you are forced to follow the script
with a little flourish you handily take care of this minor annoyance.
In the end it seems you meet up with the iron masked man you saw in the opening sequence.

From the start you are going to feel the desperate situation all around you. Is this really someplace you are meant to be? From your own tattered clothes to the ship graveyard you seem to have found yourself in things look dark. Given no choice now looks like you will have to move forward(perhaps to the shining blue beacon in the background).

You will make your way into the light and get a glimpse of this mystical New World you now are forced to explore. If the shambling icy zombies weren’t enough the view you get next confirms this place is unlike any place you have been before. Glowing sigils and floating rocks let you know that magic is very real and commonplace. What that means for you as your adventure continues only time will tell.

Descending into the island proper you will face many perils. The atmosphere itself will change to let you know trouble is a foot.

You quickly learn that these areas of red fog are called corruption and have high difficulty monsters. The monsters in the corruption seemed to have a twisted spark of life. They are more intelligent and can even talk.

After a short fight ensues

Mysteriously part way through the fight you are transported to a beach. Although I feel I could have taken this one out. You can see a rickety outpost just ahead. You then get introduced to the wonders of quest and reward systems. You can expect your standard gather so many of x item quests, quests to push you into new areas, and quests to just enjoy the world you find yourself in.

You will make your way through New world via a Compass found at the top of your screen with markers telling you what direction to go. If you want a birds eye view you can see the Map by pressing the M key. There is however no mini map.

The crafting system seems very robust and rewarding. Gather items you spot on the ground indicated by little circles. head to a campfire or crafting station and find the item to craft and instantly you now have that item.

You name it weapons tools armor, and food all can be made in the crafting system. As you progress you will get more tools and thus can harvest in new exciting ways.

With that you have your basic systems in place. You take control of your character to chart your course through the ever expanding landscape. Quests will guide you as you make your way. Just don’t forget to take time to explore on your own. You will definitely be rewarded for taking the initiative. This barely scratches the surface of all that New World Has to Offer. The graphics are well done and make you want to get out a see everything Aeternum has. I can’t wait to explore this mysterious New World.

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