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Full Steam Ahead: Divinity Original Sin

Full Steam ahead: dedicated to the long lost games of steam libraries everywhere! Where do you start to get through your ever building backlog of games? We will test some of our games that we got on sale at one point or another. Review it and let you know what we think of the game and if you should search your library for it.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Rivellon was blessed with source(magic). The people thrived with the assistance of source. Then tragedy struct and source was corrupted. It no longer aided but was used for destruction and enslavement.

Time passed and a new order rose to fight this corruption. They were called Source Hunters with unique abilities and gifts they have the power to fight the corrupted source users.

Game Modes

With 4 game modes, you will be able to find a skill mode that suits the level of challenge you are looking for.

12 classes to choose from

With not only class options, but also tons of character customization you will be able to make a unique character.


Two heroes are better then one. When you start your adventure you can customize two heroes from any of the 12 classes. This allows for many combinations. You can make a team that focuses on rushing in, and taking everyone out before they can cause problems. You could also make a group that stays in the back and takes there time picking off enemies. You can use your team to balance or enhance each other, the choice is yours.

Ever hit a part in a quest that gives you pause. What way would be best to handle it? Divinity has added dialog options that will pit your heroes against each other. Scrapping it out to decide what course of action to take. These battles will affect the course of the game. How are these battles decided? With a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors of course. No lasting harm to your heroes and the argument is settled. If only things could work that way in real life.

Combat is turned based. You have abilities and movement that will take up your AP. Abilities come in all sorts of forms. Each class has unique abilities that they can use. Want help summon a spider or demon. Want to do some damage how about a lightning bolt. Don’t know the spell you want to use how about a handy scroll. Run out of energy and your heroes turn is over. Once all enemies are defeated or an objective is met, combat is over and you are returned to free exploration.

Enemies aren’t the only thing that can hurt you. While exploring Rivellon keep an eye out for dangers. You will encounter a wide variety of obstacles. Poison clouds, fire, rain, and wind are all things that can be used in and out of combat. Keep an eye out for oil puddles to cause extra fire damage. Fire blocking your path try a rain spell. Buttons, pressure plates and levers can all change the environment. Use it to your advantage or your enemies will.

How does it stack up?


Being an RPG I am looking for a good story, fun combat, and exploration. With it’s unique take on magic, and Source Hunters. I find myself wanting to know more and understand what makes Source Hunters different from Source Users. The varied environments make it fun to explore. Combat is more tactical then action, but still enjoyable. This makes for a solid 8.5.


This game has a lot of options. 12 classes with unique playstyle alone gives you reasons to play again. $ modes of play also makes sure things won’t get stale. Lastly Branching choices and dialogs will leaving you wonder what if. Considering this I gave it a 9.5. I just know I will be playing it again to try things differently.

How has it aged

The original was released on June 30th 2014. The enhanced version was released October 27th 2015. With this version being just over 3 years old it hasn’t had time to degrade. It still holds up and is very enjoyable to play currently. I give it a 9.5.


With a base price of $39.99 you are on the higher end. The Game was only released back in 2014. However there have been recorded sales that brought it down to $9.99. Making it a steal. With that in mind I am giving it an 8.

Have you played this game? What did you think? Do you have a game you want to suggest to be reviewed? Leave a comment.

How does it stack up?

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced edition is a great game. While it has a high price point to start with, if you can get it on a sale it's value makes it more then worth it to pick up. You will have tons of options and styles to play with. You will find yourself being pulled back into the world of Rivellon again and again.

How has it aged:

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